Introducing SCL’s Student Explorer

Introducing SCL’s Student Explorer

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Preparing for your study abroad trip ahead of your arrival is always a wise idea. We at SCL International College in London are passionate about international education and strive to make things easier for our foreign learners. That's why our enthusiastic SCL team has curated our very own Google map specifically designed to assist international students in exploring London and other popular destinations in the UK.

In this short blog post, you’ll find a quick guide on how to make the most of our curated Google map. We want to ensure you navigate London and its surrounding areas quickly and confidently. So let's dive in and unlock the full potential of our SCL Explorer Map together!

What to expect from our SCL International Student Explorer Map of London

On our International Student Explorer map, you'll find an ever-growing list of popular locations frequently visited by our language students while learning English in London! Not only will you see pins indicating these locations on the map (places outside London included), but we've also provided brief overviews of each destination and shared a link (when available) to our SCL student blog for further information.

Don’t forget to keep our Student Explorer map handy as we continuously add new pins for you to uncover (London’s hidden gems and most Instagrammable spots included!).

Discovering these places will enhance your experience of learning English in London and allow you to create unforgettable memories when studying abroad. Furthermore, we invite you to contribute and recommend places to your fellow friends and students. If this interests you, please head to our Instagram page and share your London adventures with us! We always value your input and love hearing from you.

Tip: We have an exciting language course for those eager to meet new people and explore London in a fun way! Through our Discover London Programme, you'll have the chance to engage in various activities that showcase the best of what the UK capital offers. From guided tours of iconic landmarks (outside London included) to interactive language workshops and cultural excursions, you'll have a comprehensive and immersive experience combining language learning and exploring the UK capital.

How to use SCL’s London International Student Explorer Map

Navigating our SCL Explorer Google Map is a piece of cake!

Vocabulary tip: A piece of cake - something that is very easy to do. For example: The IELTS exam was a piece of cake for him.

Once you open the map on your device, you'll find a user-friendly interface that makes exploring easy. Let's walk through the simple steps to make the most of your experience:

  1. Accessing the Map: When you open our SCL Explorer Google map, you'll see a legend featuring all the pinned places we've carefully selected for you. These pins represent various locations throughout the UK.
  2. Place Information: Each pinned place on the map briefly overviews its location. Additionally, we often include a link to our SCL blog, where you can access further details about the area. This way, you can learn more about the fascinating spots before you visit them.
  3. Save for Later: Want to keep a track of your favourite places? No worries! Our map allows you to save destinations to your favourites or create a list of places you want to go. This feature comes in handy when you want to plan your adventures or quickly find those spots you've marked.
  4. Travel Plans and Starred Places: Planning your itinerary has always been challenging. You can use our map to plan your travels, quickly organising your visits to different locations.

SCL's International Student Explorer Google Map is designed to make your experience smooth, efficient, and memorable.

Click and zoom on the map below and see for yourself!

Embark on your study trip abroad with SCL

We hope you've found this guide quick and comprehensive. If you have any questions regarding our adult English language courses or young learners' study programmes, please book a discovery call with our team to further assist you in planning your study abroad trip. You can also contact us at and we'll be delighted to help you.

All in all, we look forward to welcoming you to our student community, where you can access a supportive network to boost your English language learning experience. Happy exploring!


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