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The ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Information & Digital Technologies is a 60-credit Ofqual Regulated Qualification, attaining equivalence to an A Level or an Access to Higher Education qualification. This programme is carefully designed for individuals with aspirations to progress in the field of Innovation & Tech. Its unique structure aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge, enabling them to thrive both independently and collaboratively in the dynamic realm of information technology and digital innovation.

Programme details

This intricately designed course provides a comprehensive understanding of the evolving Information & Digital Technologies landscape. Covering essential aspects such as technology objectives, digital infrastructure, and user-centric services, participants gain skills in digital communication, technology management, and strategic planning. These skills are tailored for success in various professional settings within the dynamic digital and technological industry.

Each module is elaborately designed to cultivate a versatile skill set, including collaborative problem-solving dynamics and the practical application of principles in digital research projects. Participants will develop technological acumen through an introduction to digital project management, data analysis, and cybersecurity. The curriculum also explores leadership principles, digital marketing strategies, information management, and technological strategy, offering a comprehensive approach to prepare learners for success across diverse Information & Digital Technologies.


This unit aims to furnish learners with the fundamentals of computer programming. By exploring the array of available languages, example use cases, and identifying commonalities across different languages, participants will enhance their knowledge and understanding in this critical area.

Providing an overview of the mathematical skills needed for computer programming, the objective is to help learners develop knowledge and understanding in the mathematical aspects relevant to working with a programming language.

Focusing on an overview of cybersecurity and the significance of maintaining personal and system safety online, this unit seeks to help learners understand the fundamentals of security. Participants will develop insights into basic security principles and learn appropriate measures to mitigate security risks.

Aiming to provide an overview of the range of digital technologies available across different business sectors and environments, this unit seeks to familiarise learners with the variety of digital tools applicable in various professional settings.

This unit aims to equip learners with the essential knowledge and understanding to explore emerging technologies currently available and those that might become available in the future.

Focusing on the fundamentals of mobile application development, this unit aims to give learners an overview of the processes involved. Participants will acquire knowledge and understanding of planning, developing, testing, and launching a mobile application to address a specific problem or need.

Centred on the essentials of web development, this unit aims to present learners with an overview of the processes involved. Participants will acquire knowledge and understanding of planning, developing, testing, and launching a website.


These programmes offer pathway admission to at least one of five British and international universities, upon successful completion of your course.


Winter Term 

14 October - 13 December

Winter Break

16 December - 3 January

Spring Term 

6 January - 28 March


Students who enrol on our Level 3 Diploma Courses typically have good high school grades. You must be at least 18 years old by the time your course starts, and you are expected to have an English language level equivalent of:

  • 5.5 in IELTS
  • 46 on TOEFL
  • 162 on Cambridge English
  • B2 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)


Guaranteed university place upon successful completion of our course.

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-One-To-One-Teal

    One-to-one support

    Our tutors are highly qualified and have experience teaching international students, so they understand the kind of personal support you may need.

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-University-Application-Assistance-Teal

    University application assistance

    We support each individual student through the process of applying to your chosen universities. Our partner universities guarantee you a place on passing your course. 

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-Preparation-For-British-Acaademic-Life-Teal

    Preparation for British academic life

    A vital part of our programme involves training students to adapt their skills and knowledge to the specific context and environment they will encounter when they are enrolled in undergraduate courses.

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    Top notch facilities

    SCL’s modern classrooms have the latest hardware and software and our libraries offer a flexible space for you to work alone or in groups. Students also have 24/7 access to online resources, study tools and materials.

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    An international environment

    Our team of academic professionals comes from all over the world and will help you develop the social and learning skills required for studying at a UK higher education institution.

    Plus, when you stay with us you’ll enjoy a ready-made community of international students from over 50 nationalities!

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-On-Site-Accommodation-Teal

    On-site accommodation

    Whether you're attending this course on your own or with friends, we'll always have space for you. All rooms come with an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette and optional weekly cleaning and linen service.

    We also have an in-house events team who hosts regular activities free of charge.

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-Small-Class-Sizes-Teal

    Small class size

    At SCL International College, you'll enjoy our smaller classes for individualised learning, with 5 students average (maximum 12) per class.

  • SCL-International-College-Benefits-Icons-Great-Location-In-London-Teal

    Great location in London

    We're located in the student capital of the world – London! You'll have easy access to the entire city, major airports and railway stations. Stay with us and you’ll even get discounts to local restaurants, cafés and shops!


SCL International College offers an all-inclusive campus experience within a big city.

Everything you need is here in one place – from the classrooms to the café and everything in between!

A smooth transition to a UK uni


Everyone has been so friendly, helping me with the application process and giving guidance at each stage of applying to university. Teachers have also been really helpful, explaining topics clearly and making us understand the assessment tasks.


-- Agigi from Taiwan

received offers from Royal Holloway, Brunel and Sussex University

This programme provided a great foundation, giving me the skills I needed for studying at university and helping me step by step with the process of choosing the right university.


-- Sammy from Canada

is currently studying at Reading University

As an international student my biggest concern was the language barrier. Whenever I asked a question, the teacher always answered patiently, which really increased my confidence. And when I made my applications to universities, my mentor always coordinated everything smoothly and swiftly.


-- Lijia from China

is currently enrolled at the University of Birmingham

I thought the first year in Britain would be a very difficult time, but the school days were fantastic for me. My teachers answered all my questions, gave advice and helped me with college applications. I also met friends from different countries on campus. Dormitories and schools are conveniently located in the same building so I didn’t have to worry about traffic jams. Overall, my English level has been greatly improved during the school year and I have been more integrated into life in the UK.

-- Kaylie from China

received offers from University of Westminster, University of Manchester, University for the Creative Arts, and University of Birmingham

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Our campuses are an easy 15–30-minute journey to many universities across the city.

Students progressing on to university in London can easily extend their accommodation at The Stay Club where you’ll find a modern, safe and welcoming atmosphere to live, study, socialise and enjoy the very best of London.

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