10 of the Best: Instagrammable Spots In London

10 of the Best: Instagrammable Spots In London

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Did you know that London was crowned as one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world for 2023 by Big Travel 7? The UK's capital offers a top destination for capturing Instagram-worthy shots, from red telephone boxes, double-decker buses and black cabs to iconic landmarks and picturesquare streets.

In this blog post, we have featured the most attractive and inspiring Instagrammable spots in London (that haven't been already listed in our previous blog post, "10 of the Best: Places of Interest to Visit This Summer"). So, it's time to grab your digital camera and unleash your creative photography skills as we unveil these hot spots and hidden gems waiting to be discovered!


If you've come to London intending to capture photos of its most iconic landmarks, then the London Eye should certainly be included on your must-visit list. We highly recommend snapping a picture of the London Eye from Victoria Embankment. This point offers the best views, and it's also a quieter spot where you can let your creativity shine by making it look like you are holding onto the London Eye wheel itself!

Fun fact: Did you know that the London Eye is eco-friendly? The observation wheel uses biodegradable oil, ensuring that its operations have no negative impact on the River Thames. Additionally, the environmentally-friendly cleaning products used to maintain the London Eye help to minimise air pollution and its impact on its surroundings. If you want to discover more fun facts about the London Eye please head over here.


2. Neil’s Yard Covent Garden

Surprisingly, it's hard to believe that Neal's Yard, now a lively and colourful corner of London, was once nothing more than a waste area filled with bins, unpleasant odours, and even inhabited by rats!!

A short while ago, an ambitious entrepreneur named Nicholas Saunders stepped in to rescue this neglected space from impending demolition. Against all odds, he transformed it into a charming haven with a delightful array of buildings. These days, in Neil’s Yard you can find everything from pedicures to mouth watering pizzas. The incredible turnaround of this place is a testament to the power of vision and revitalisation. And that’s why this location made it to the top 10!

Tip: If you are a fan of inspiring stories like we are, remember to check out our SCL student blog, where you can read about different SCL students' experiences. One uplifting story we recommend is about a young girl from Italy who pursued her educational dreams in the UK capital. In that article, we’ve captured Gaia’s journey from enrolling on our General English course, moving to IELTS preparation course to completing our International Foundation Programme!

3. The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

For those who want to capture the enchantment of London, it is essential to include a photograph of Big Ben beneath the Westminster Bridge. While this spot tends to be quite busy, it offers a unique view where you can also catch the full image of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben together. This location is undeniably one of the most Instagrammable spots in London!

Travel tips:

  • SCL Kentish Town Campus to Westminster bridge - head to Kentish Town station and take the underground towards Westminster station (district line). Once you arrive at Westminster station, it’s a short walk to reach the Westminster bridge.
  • SCL Camden Town Campus to Westminster bridge - walk to Camden town station, hop on either northern or bakerloo line to reach Westminster station.
  • SCL North Acton Campus to Westminster bridge - it’s also straightforward to reach Westminster station from North Acton. Take the underground from North Acton station (central line) and get off at Westminster station.

4. Peggy Porchen

Peggy Porchen is far more than just a cake shop. It is the embodiment of one girl's dreams and passions. Founded by Peggy, a German girl who followed her heart while working as a flight attendant. This charming store offers more than delectable treats. It is a space where stories come to life through the art of cake. Peggy Porchen proudly claims to be a destination for escapism, dreaminess, and unwritten permission for visitors to reconnect with their inner child in a creative way.

With nearly 700k followers on Instagram, frequent tags in visitor posts and such a passion for cake crafting, it's no wonder this stunning shop has earned a place in our selection of London's top 10 Instagrammable spots! Whether you visit their Chelsea or Belgravia store, you can expect a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Peggy Porchen's commitment to creating a visually stunning and immersive experience is truly remarkable.

5. The Standard Rooftop

Among the picturesque London rooftops that provide breathtaking views of the city's skyline, such as One New Change and The Garden at 120, one rooftop stands out as a must-visit spot: The Standard Rooftop. Up here, you can soak in a captivating ambience reminiscent of the vibrant rooftops of New York City. However, instead of catching a glimpse of the iconic Empire State Building, your eyes will be treated to the magnificent sight of St Pancras Clock Tower.

Fun fact: If you've ever fancied the idea of living in a clock tower, here's some exciting news: the St Pancras Clock Tower is home to a spacious two double-bedroom apartment that offers stunning views of Kings Cross and St. Pancras! Imagine waking up to the sight of the bustling city below and enjoying the unique charm of this iconic landmark.

St Pancras clock tower apartment

6. Dopamine Land

Dopamine Land is a museum that aims to bring joy to people. It offers a variety of attractions, such as ball pits, bubble bars, interactive playrooms, and much more. The museum's creative and production teams have carefully designed spaces for relaxation and excitement, allowing your body to prepare for the exhilarating moments that release dopamine as you explore the building.

With its visually stunning rooms and unique functionality, Dopamine Land is an Instagrammable destination that we couldn't resist including in our list!

Tip: If you want to have our curated list of Instagrammable spots at your fingertips, make sure you check out our SCL Student Explorer map!

Dopamine Land London UK lights
Dopamine Land London UK lights

7. Warren Mews

Not every place on our curated list needs to have an exciting well-known background. Take Warren Mews, for example, which can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your Instagram feed (especially if you're wearing a colourful dress). Located on Warren Street, this charming building has earned its place on our list due to its popularity on Instagram.

Fun fact: Back in time, people owned stables to house their horses and carriages. As time passed, the need for horses diminished, and these stables underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into delightful homes and workshops.

8. Red Telephone Booths

Another iconic symbol of your visit to London is a photo with a red telephone booth! However, we advise against entering the booth as it may not be the cleanest place and pretending to make a phone call is not recommended either (besides, these phones often don't work).

Red telephone booths can be found on almost every corner of London, making choosing just one spot difficult. Therefore, we have listed the top three locations for you to capture that classic London moment!

  • Parliament Square opposite Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)
  • Victoria Embankment opposite the London Eye
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

9. Tower Bridge

Another iconic landmark in London is Tower Bridge. You can enjoy panoramic views and a glass floor or, if you're lucky and time your visit just right, you might even witness the bridge being lifted!

One of the hidden gems for photographing Tower Bridge is the viewpoint from Horsleydown Stairs. This spot is often free from tourists, allowing you to capture a stunning shot for your Instagram feed.

Tip: The official Tower Bridge webpage offers a visual story for those who want to research more information prior to their visit.


10. Kew Gardens

Introducing the world's most Instagrammable botanic garden, known for its awe-inspiring collection of living plants (totalling 50,000), exquisite flowers, and a stunning glasshouse. Recent research has uncovered its remarkable popularity, with over 744,000 Instagram hashtags. No wonder this beloved London garden ranks high on the list of must-visit destinations for visitors.

Tip: Victoria boliviana is the largest known species of waterlily in the world, with the record leaf size of 3.2 metres recorded in La Rinconda Gardens in Bolivia. And the best time to see the Victoria boliviana at Kew is during Summer in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Make unforgettable memories in London

We hope you've enjoyed our selection of London's top 10 Instagrammable spots. While there are many more incredible locations to discover, our focus was to highlight the UK capital's classics and a few places that were brought to life through one person's dreams.

And just like these inspiring places, we believe in the power of dreams and the importance of pursuing them. Whether it's studying abroad, advancing your language skills, or embarking on a new adventure, we encourage you to follow your visions and make them a reality.

Remember, the greatest adventures begin with a single step. So are you ready to take the plunge? Then email us at info@sclinternationalcollege.com or fill in our contact form and start your journey today!

And of course, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and tag SCL International College in your own Insta-worthy photos from London!

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