Gaia’s student journey updates: A true testament to the power of learning

Gaia’s student journey updates: A true testament to the power of learning

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“From October 9th 2022 to June 16th 2023, I have had one of the best experiences in my entire life.” – Gaia

We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates from Gaia. She shares her immediate emotions upon completing our International Foundation Programme in a heartwarming letter.

If you are curious about her achievements and the profound impact of our University Pathway Programme on her life, please see our first instalment from Gaia for the full story, and then keep reading below!

Gaia's first words after a life-changing London campus experience

“It’s over; I’m back in Italy. How do I feel? Well, I have no idea! ​​

During the flight back home, I was literally swamped with mixed feelings. I kept thinking, wondering, and planning until I fell asleep. Once I landed, I breathed in the Italian air, and a wave of heat hit me. I was still unconscious, dazed, and unprepared to return to life in Viareggio. Right now, I want to take my own time to relax and have fun with my family and my Italian friends.”


A swift recap of the latest updates on Gaia’s English language achievements

At the end of last year, Gaia applied to five universities (with guaranteed access to at least one of them, thanks to our university partnerships) and received four offers from Brunel, East London, Kingston, and Coventry Universities – all related to Fashion-Journalism, Media, and Communication.

In June 2023, she successfully completed our International Foundation Programme, undertaking final exams for each subject (Communication, Politics, Law, Maths, and Statistics).

Gaia says: “To be honest I don't have yet a clear idea what to do next, because I am also considering Italian universities. It is hard to decide, both sides have pros and cons, and my mind does not exactly know where I would like to continue my studies.”

8 months in review: Top moments of an Italian student’s study abroad experience in London

Below is a short snippet from a letter we received from Gaia:

I've met numerous students like myself, with whom I spent all my leisure time. Even though we are not all together anymore, we still keep in touch through WhatsApp groups and Instagram.

Thanks to this international experience, I was able to discover new ethnicities and make new friends. Regarding friendships, I can proudly say I have Turkish, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese classmates, and many other friends from all over the world.

Some of my other favourite highlights include:

  • I improved my English, savoured Fish and Chips (with mushy peas, which I love), and tried Turkish, Syrian, Saudi, and Indian cuisine.
  • I took countless tubes and, amusingly, missed just as many buses.
  • I chatted with newsagents, shopkeepers, cashiers and people from various countries.
  • I even ventured to the supermarket at 11 pm and ordered pizza at midnight.

I fully immersed myself in London's culture, striving to be like a sponge, absorbing and capturing as much as possible from this vibrant city.

Even though I may decide not to come to study at a university in London, I will always carry this adventure in my heart. So, see you soon!? Whether as a traveller or as a student.

Goodbye London, it was an immense pleasure!

Gaia from Tuscany (Viareggio), 20 years old, filled with boundless energy to travel and explore everything life has to offer.

Start your international education journey!

We thank Gaia for sharing her story with us and giving us an update on her education achievements and plans. Her hard work and adventurous spirit have shown that anything is now possible for her!

We hope this blog post has inspired you to take the first step towards achieving your own dreams. If you're ready to follow your passions and bring your ideas to life, don't hesitate to reach us at or use the button below to schedule a call at a time that suits you. Our team is here to support you - remember, there's no better time than now!

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