From Poland to the UK: Stan’s English language learning experience

From Poland to the UK: Stan’s English language learning experience

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The SCL Kentish Town campus is full of international students from dozens of countries, and we caught up with Stanislaw - one of our students from Poland. He spent four weeks with us, and we wanted to know how his English learning experience in London helped him to reach his goals.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Stanislaw (Stan). I'm from Poland, and I'm 35 years old. I've spent one month with SCL International College, and now I am on the B2+/C1 level. Since taking the course, I have improved my English skills, and I can easily have conversations now.

What English Language Course did you study with us in London?

I enrolled on General English and conversations lessons. The speaking skill was the most important for me because beforehand, all English conversations cost me a lot of energy, and I couldn't express my thoughts. I wanted to become more confident and learn popular phrases.

Have you been enrolled on an English Language Course before? If so, can you tell us what was different this time?

I have attended several English courses in Poland (also with native speakers). English lessons in London are completely different because I had to use the language all the time. I had to order coffee and meals in restaurants, and understand announcements in the underground (London's metro system).

The learning process is faster and much more efficient. Furthermore, teachers explain everything (like new vocabulary and rules) in English, so it is easier to get used to the language. So now, if during a conversation I can't find a word or I don't understand something, I know how to express myself using new, different words.

What were your first impressions of SCL International College?

When I started my first lesson, I wanted to understand everything. I was a little bit stressed out, but it disappeared quickly.

All people were very kind and their friendly attitude allowed me to get rid of the fear of speaking. The teachers and staff are very nice and professional. Whenever I needed it, I could ask for help without any problem.

What did you like about living and studying in London?

I love London! I love watching how the city works - traffic, underground, shops, markets, pubs - everything has its own specific atmosphere.

I like the fact that drivers wave to pedestrians so they can cross the street. I like the underground staff, because they always really wanted to help me and they are nice and smiling. Generally, people are very polite. Let’s not forget to mention that London is a city of culture, full of monuments and interesting places to see.

How did our teachers help you to reach your personal goals?

The lessons were conducted in a stress-free atmosphere. We had a lot of games where we had to use our speaking skills which helped us to learn new things in a fun way - without even knowing it!

I talked with my teachers about my progress, and I always got feedback and tips on how I could improve. Jane and Jack were incredible teachers. I know that it might sound weird, but I will miss our conversations about grammar, synonyms and proverbs.


Would you recommend SCL International College to a friend?

I already did! And of course I will keep recommending the school because it's been an amazing experience.


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