The Essential Guide to Staying Safe in London

The Essential Guide to Staying Safe in London

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Like in any big city around the world, safety is the most important consideration when planning your stay in London. Regardless of whether you’re visiting friends, travelling to and from your student accommodation or heading on to university, it’s essential to take some precautions so you can enjoy your time and stay safe whilst doing so.

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As with all travel, it is important to always keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Never leave your items unattended, especially drinks in bars and restaurants. Report any, and all, suspicious activity on transport including unattended bags and belongings. Check in with your friends and encourage them to check that you have gotten home safely too. Having a buddy system will help to ensure your safety not just in London, but wherever you travel.

Stay Campus London Stay Safe Avoid Pickpockets
Stay Campus London Stay Safe Security & CCTV Cameras

limit the risks

With any city in the world, there is a risk of being pickpocketed or having personal items being stolen. You can help to avoid this by keeping valuables out of sight and reach, and making sure you zip up all pockets in busy areas, such as on the tube and at outdoor markets. It also helps to be aware of suspicious activity from other passengers; follow your gut feeling. When using a cashpoint, don't let your belongings out of your sight, check that the ATM hasn’t been tampered with, that someone isn’t looking over your shoulder and always cover your pin number.


Planning your route before you leave the house, travelling with friends and saving emergency contact details into your phone are just some of the ways you can prepare yourself to safely travel in and around London. If you’re travelling alone, which should be kept to a minimum,  let a friend or family member know your plans and where you’re travelling to. Work on your timekeeping - rushing around will only add stress to your journey and your guard will drop. We recommend using the Citymapper app to plan your routes around London. It gives you handy time estimates for each type of journey (walking, cycling, bus, tube and rail) and alerts you of any delays on public transport that might interrupt your travels.

Stay Campus London Stay Safe Check the Time
Stay Campus London Stay Safe Walking in Well Lit Areas


Always avoid walking along dark and quiet streets where possible. Stick to busy areas with other people. Ensuring you remain in well-lit areas with lots of people around will not only lower any risk to your safety but it will also allow you to feel more confident and safe.


Other than lower transport fares, travelling with friends or family can also minimise any risks when travelling in London. If you can’t avoid travellling alone then it’s essential you let someone know  where you are and what time you’re expected to return home. You can also install a ‘Find My Phone’ app to let your friends and family see where you are in real time.

Stay Campus London Stay Safe Travel with Friends

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