Interview with Guadalupe, Maximo and Andrea

Guadalupe Maximo Andrea
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What do you think about your stay at The Stay Club?

Guadalupe: The rooms seemed a little bit different from the ones shown on the internet. However, they are good, they are clean and quite comfortable, but my favourite thing about The Stay Club was the common areas, they are so good!

Maximo: People were so nice to us, especially the receptionists and cleaning people. They always help us with what we need. I think the people is awesome!

What did you like the most about staying in Camden?

Guadalupe: It’s very funny, you can find so many different people here.

Maximo: Very nice and crowded, so many people! I love the Camden Market, where we can find some food and the Argentinean steaks were delicious.

Andrea: It’s very interesting!

What do you think about food?

Guadalupe: That was perfect. I am vegetarian, they always had another option for me. For instance, kind of pudding or pasty.

Maximo: For me, it was really good. I enjoyed very much the food. The girls in the kitchen, when we got to The Stay Club late, they always give us food even at 10 at night. They were really nice!

Andrea: I liked all the food they served, it was really delicious. There are people from all over the world here and the food was appealing to everyone, anyone could have it!

What do you think about teachers and the teaching experience?

Guadalupe: I think this was the best thing about The Stay Club. Mary is funny, kind, she is very interested in what she does.

Andrea: They were great! Mary is very passionate and she really cared about us. She worked really hard.

Maximo: The teachers were always prepared for the classes, thinking about us and our future.

How are you planning to use English in the future? Are you planning to get a job that requires knowledge of English language?

Guadalupe: I am planning to study Political Sciences, I want to get the International Relationships degree, so it will be quite useful! And we now have the First Certificate so we can prove that!

Andrea: Yes, I hope so! We won’t have to do English in university thanks to the First Certificate, just have a test and that’s all.

Maximo: The First Certificate can help us get a job in Argentina, but the Advanced Certificate allows us to go to university abroad.

What did you like the most about being in London?

Guadalupe: It’s so cosmopolitan! There are people from all around the world and it’s beautiful.

Andrea: I really love the underground, how it connects the whole city it is incredible.

Were day trips part of your programme? Did you enjoy them?

Guadalupe: Yes, we went to Oxford and Bath. It was very good, beautiful! I like Bath, I have been in Bath in winter and I didn’t like it, but this time I loved it!

Maximo: I love the University of Oxford! It’s so amazing that probably it influenced me in selection of Oxford rather than Bath.

Andrea: I also really like the architecture of the city. I really like medieval style, so for me it was really great. I wanted to go to Oxford since I was very little because I admire the university, so for me, it was like a dream come true!