Interview with Max and Pedro

Max and Pedro
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How was your general experience at The Stay Club?

Max: I really like the decoration, it’s beautifully decorated. The rooms are great. For students it is awesome, provides with lots of things. It’s more like little apartments, very well-equipped with electronics and stuff.

Pedro: I also really like the room. It was a lot of fun, we went to Oxford Street, Bond Street, also Camden, these were my favourite places I think. Also, the museums, the British Museum was the best so far!

What do you think about London in general as a city?

Max: I have been here once before, but I was very little so I didn’t get what was going on. Now that I am here, and I have a little bit more of independence here, I actually loved the experience: moving around, commuting and just living in this city at least for two weeks, it’s been a great experience.

Pedro: I was expecting London to be more crowded with people but when we arrived, it surprised me that there aren’t a lot of people on the streets. I also really like London, I am in love with London I think! The nature is great, the streets are very beautiful when you see the houses and the old part of the city.

What do you think about the teaching experience?

Max: I had Ryan as a teacher, he has been a great teacher, we have been mostly practicing oral skills, pronunciation and trying to improve the range of our vocabulary. I think I learned a lot. We have been using more interactive methods, we have played a little bit of Kahoot and other group activities and I got to discuss with partners. I think I have learnt a lot more from this experience than studying back at home.

Pedro: I think the grammar wasn’t the most important thing in classes but I really improved it. Even more now, because I am in a group with people from all over the world. My first week I was in a group with 80% of Argentineans, so I didn’t use a lot of English, but now I am with Kazakhstanis, Azerbaijanis, a lot of people from places where people don’t speak Spanish, so I had to improve my English to understand.

What do you think about Stay Campus London community?

Max: In general people were really friendly, really open to speaking with you. Once we all speak in English, generally no one speaks in their own language because they are afraid to offend you. We all get to communicate in English and understand each other, which I think is the objective here!

When you go back to Argentina, are you planning to use English for your degree or work?

Max: I think I probably will, I don’t really have anything planned out yet, nothing really serious. I want to study Medicine in Buenos Aires, because university is free and it’s really good there. But I think, I will definitely come back at least a dozen more times and I will be using my English for professional purposes sometime in the future.

Pedro: I think I will use my English more for traveling rather than professional purposes but, well, it is also going to be very useful!

What cities did you go to for day-trips?

Max: We went to Oxford and I really liked it, especially because I am a Harry Potter fan so really enjoyed the experience! You can enjoy the city, because it’s very well-structured, all the buildings are really beautiful and the stories behind them are even more interesting.

Pedro: I also like Oxford, the architecture is very medieval and I really like the college, we saw the dining room, the main staircase and some of the hallways!